So, how did we get out?

Over the years, my kids, T-boy; age 8, O-boy, aka Bab-bam; 6 and Sisi; age 4 have asked questions about things they find confusing. I remember my oldest at about 4years looking at the crucifix in his room and asking “So mom, how did Jesus get on the cross”? I tried my best to explain to him how he got there and why he needed to be there. Usually one question get an answer and that answer leads to another question until I tell him “You know, I really need to think about that one, I need to ask daddy because mummy doesn`t know everything”? That response almost always gives me a break or buys me time until the next question.

Not long ago, O-boy asked out of the blues “Mom, what was it like before technology”? Usually, when I get those questions, I have a few seconds to respond as I have been accused of thinking too slowly in the past. In responding to this particular question I started by saying I wasn`t here pre-technology. I was born in the late 70s; so, there was some form of technology just that everything was attached to wires and without remotes. I told him before technology, people worked really hard. There were no tablets or computers so kids were happier; my sneaky little way of telling him he will be happier without his tablet. My response didn`t go well with him considering he wants to be glued to his tablet, computer or TV all day long. I am talking about a kid who can`t imagine life without Samsung galaxy tab 2!

While I was cleaning the boys` room a few days ago, my daughter appeared out of nowhere. She has perfected the art of bumping into people from all angles; front, back side, corner- you name it. So, in her usual fashion, she bumped into me; only this time with a remark – “when I was a baby, I was in mom`s mouth”. Nowadays, I have learned to think deep and fast before responding to remarks or questions. So, while I was processing the remark, T-boy interjected; “no Sisi, when we were babies, we were in mom`s tummy. Isn`t it so mom?” Relieved that he just bailed me out, I said “Yes. That is true. You were all in mom`s tummy”. Then I thought oh… Sisi is one smart cookie. Come to think of it, to a four year old, how is a baby to get out if it was in some other place other than the mom`s mouth?. While T-boy`s response was perfect and timely, it left Sisi dazed. She stood there processing the idea of babies in tummies. I bet she must have thought mom threw them all up. I don`t blame her. I think the whole baby in baby out deal is still a mystery. A miracle.

Then came the dreaded question. The one I have managed to avoid for the past year. The one I said I will gladly leave to the Biology teacher to answer. T-boy goes; “So mom, if we were in your tummy when we were babies, how did we get out?” Now it was my turn to be dazed. I stood there frozen and wondering how in the world am I to explain to an 8year old boy how babies are born? In the past, I had dodged answering the question “how do babies enter people`s tummies”?!. No. I`m not going to do it. At least not now. So I tried to divert his attention to his Lego pieces scattered across the room. But, he asked again; “Mom, how did we leave your tummy?” I can tell you I was not proud of my response. Still not. My response was, “You know T-boy, it was a long time ago, I really can`t remember how you all came out. Will you give me time to think about it?”

He was gracious enough to say yes. The same response I got when he asked how babies enter people`s tummies. I know I can run but I can never hide. These questions will be answered. I am not going to leave them to the Biology teacher. I and DH will sit him down, sometimes in the near future to answer these questions. It just doesn`t seem appropriate now. But until then, I plan to keep running.

Hydro what?

After much research and personal encouragement, I decided to go out on Tuesday to start the final step of fulfilling my hydroponics gardening dream.  I got off work earlier than usual and decided to stop by Hope depot to get some planting medium, fertilizer a.k.a plant food and maybe some seed.  Given this is fall, most store may not be replenishing their seed stuck.  I didn`t know if HD sell seeds but, there`s no harm in trying.

I got to HD at about 4pm and rolled into a nice parking spot directly in front of the lawn and garden part of the store.  I got down from my car majestically.  This was going to be me fulfilling a dream.  I will be planting on water!  Well not as cool as walking on water as I lack such faith.  But, to think you can plant on water in your kitchen is phenomenal.   I could literarily be plucking spinach leaves right next to my computer and stuffing my mouth without leaving my desk.  I have tried to picture that so many times and the thought alone takes me to another world.  Not that I`m a raw spinach fan, but it`s something I can`t wait to do.  Pluck, wipe, eat, repeat.

So, I walked into HD and as luck will have it, fertilizers and plant food were on the front shelf.  I didn`t have to struggle with the chirping birds to get what I want.  Oh…those birds, I have no idea what was going on in their birdy brains.  There were hundreds of them in there having a feast of their lives from a bag of free bird food.  Home Depot, I applaud.  Will there ever be free Pringles for tweeting customers?  I quickly walked up to the plant food shelf to located miracle gro before I get pooped on by one of these wonderful creatures.  By now I had perfected the art of reading the N-P-K content and checking for the micro and macro nutrients, or so I thought.  Well, I compared different plant food and walked away towards the store before picking one.

Then the HD lady appeared.  I decided against my guts to ask her for a good hydroponics fertilizer.  She hesitated and pointed to the fertilizers they have.  While we were talking, an older HD lady came in bearing some garden stuff.  I thought I had met my savior because she seem to love been in that space.  The younger lady went on to ask her the same question.  She looked at me and said “Hydro?  Well I have no idea what that is but it sounds like a beautiful plant”.  That came as a shock to me considering I also got to know about hydroponics gardening about a year ago and I thought I am way behind everyone in terms of trends.  May be I had high expectations from someone who works in lawns and gardens. May be I am just too excited to start this journey.

Well, I was a little disappointed.  She just busted my bubble!  But I wasn`t about to get sidetracked or have my parade rained on.  I walked around the aisles, came back to her and asked for perlite.  She knew what they are and where they are!  They were right in the store by the door on the left side.  I strolled inside the store, took a quick bathroom break and headed for the perlite shelf.  I decided on a smaller bag since this was an experiment, well an experimental dream.  I then walked out to the fertilizer section to make my selection.  My decision could make or mar this project.  Finally, I settled for miracle gro; call it gut feeling.  I proudly paid for my merchandise and walked out majestically.  It was the first day of the rest of my “hydro what” wonders.